Friday, October 28, 2016


I followed the same routine every morning. First, I'd ride my bike to the local market for fresh flowers. I'd always get pink and white peonies mixed with pink roses and daisies. I'm a firm believer that fresh flowers add life to an otherwise blah room. Then, I'd sit outside the big picture window at the bakery on the corner to watch the show. At six o'clock, five bakers would stand shoulder to shoulder in front of a large table. The way they moved in sync always reminded me of a conductor of an orchestra. It had a way of soothing me. Once the show was over, I'd head home, replace my old flowers on my desk and work for the rest of the day.
Heiress | © Literary Junkie

But, this time on my way home two men grabbed me. I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. They had me trapped in a dark trunk for what seemed like hours.

I could hear the men laughing, but I couldn't make out any sentences. I wanted to shout. I wanted someone to save me. I had no idea why they took me. I have nothing. I'm a struggling web designer, no boyfriend, no children, and a handful of friends.

When the car finally stopped I could feel the warm air. And then there was water all around me. There was so much water. But, I had to regain control when I heard them. I knew why I was there.

I'd never met my father. My mother told me he walked away--abandoned me. But, it was the opposite. My mother kept me from him. Now he's gone and he's left everything to me. I have all the money, his businesses, and properties. Now people want me dead!

So, I stopped fighting. I stopped screaming. I didn't move one inch. I went under. I did what I had to do to claim what was mine. I didn't want them to win. And they fell for it. They walked away, thinking they'd got me. But, even though I heard their voices drown and footsteps fade, I never moved. I had to make sure they were gone.

When the sun set the cool air blew in as well as my saviors. The men plucked me from the mossy lake and carried me away from my moment in hell. My strength had faded. My heart was heavy.  Perhaps I cried for the death of my father even though I didn't know him--not even his name until now. But, he changed my life and I'll embrace it all.

For I am the Heiress!

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