Friday, April 29, 2016


Veda and Tate ran through the store filled. The finest Waterford crystal filled the store. Veda zapped her laser gun on everything she passed with no qualms.

Veda | ©Literary Junkie
"Hey, wait, slow down. Pay attention to what you're putting on our registry. I don't want that hideous bowl."

"This is a pretty cool bowl. No one has anything like it."

"I will not compromise my taste for you or anyone. I have an image to keep."

"You mean we have an image. It's not all about you. I like the bowl and I'm keeping it on the registry."

"We are not getting that ugly ass bowl. Stick to the list I gave you."

"I've let you take control of everything for the wedding. Since I asked for your hand in marriage you've changed. You tell me how to dress, how to talk, what to eat, and how to freaking breathe. Who in the hell does that? You're not the woman I proposed to and hell will freeze over before I surrender my life to you. I'm a man, Veda. I'm not a child."

"I haven't changed. This is who I am." Veda held her arms out. "I'm forty-two-years-old. I deserve the wedding of my dreams. Hell, I deserve the life you promised me. So, if that means you will have to say goodbye to your greasy ass food and homeboy slang. Then so be it. Forgive me if I can't stand the thought of listening to you breathe like a pit bull in heat for the rest of my life."

Tate slammed the laser on the table next to him with so much force it sent a crystal bowl plummeting to the floor. "So we're clear, this, whatever it was, is over."

"If you turn away to leave me standing in this store alone you will regret it."

"I doubt it."

In a grip of panic, Veda grabbed a piece of the broken bowl and pushed it in Tate's neck until it was no longer in her grasp.

Shoppers frantically ran around the store in chaos. Yet, and still, there Veda stood, watching Tate. His blood ran like a constant flow of water. It wasn't until it reached the tips of her paisley painted toes that she snapped out of her trance and cried, "Oh my, God, what have I done?"

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