Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Love Hurts

Since Jerry and Ally were in grade school he'd watched her from afar. He witnessed her fall in love more times than he could count and she never gave him a second look. But, then again, who in their right mind would give him a second look. He had a constant running nose and bad acne—even into adulthood.

Love Hurts | ©Literary Junkie
But, somehow, someway, while on a short visit home Ally spoke to him. It was like the heavens opened up and the angels sang when she said his name, "Jerry, it's me, Ally." She ran to him with open arms as if they were crayon sharing kids and long-lost high school sweethearts.

"Of course, I remember you, Ally. I'm just surprised you remember me."

"Why wouldn't I remember you?"

"I-I don't know. How have you been?"

Ally slide her long arm into Jerry's arm to continue walking down the crowded downtown sidewalk. "Being a grown up isn't at all what I thought it would be," she said, pouting her ruby-red lips. "But, I heard all about you."

"Really? What have you heard?" He blew his nose.

"You've done amazing things. You're like the most successful person in our class. I love the diamond ring you designed that looks like budding rose. You know how much I love roses."

"Th-thank you."

"So, how long are you here?"

"Two weeks."

"Where are you taking me tonight?"

"I can't tonight. My jet landed two hours ago. I haven't seen my parents yet and we have plans later."
"Sounds like fun, I'll join you."

Jerry stopped in his tracks, whipping his raw nose and asked, "Why do you want to hang out with me and my parents? You never seemed like the type who'd enjoy a night of board games, meatloaf, and a bottle of Sangria."

"As long as you're there I'm sure I'll have a good time." Ally dug in her messy purse for her ringing cell phone. "Excuse me for a moment. I need to take this."

"I'll be right back," Jerry whispered, running to a sidewalk florist to grab a white rose for his new-found friend. A skateboarding kid ran into him so hard it almost knocked the wind out of him. But, he didn't mind. He passed the chirpy gray-haired woman a crisp hundred-dollar bill and crept up behind his lady in waiting.

"Don't worry, Baby, he's not my type. He's still a runny nose dork. This will be easy. I've already got him eating out the palm of my hand. I told you I would take care of this mess you've gotten us in. We'll be debt free by the end of the week," she giggled. "Okay, I'll see you later, My Love." Ally dropped her phone in her purse and turned to Jerry standing right behind her.

He gripped the long stem of thorns with so much grit blood trickled down into a puddle on the concrete. His face the color of an overripe tomato and his nose ran like a broken water pipe. Still, there he stood.

"You heard that?"

Jerry never spoke. Instead, he took the bloody white rose and pushed it into her chest. He smeared his blood all over her before he walked away with a little more hate built up than before.

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