Friday, March 4, 2016

Urban Legend of a Seductress

Urban Legend of a Seductress | ©LitearyJunkie
Bao stood tall, curvy, long legs with smooth skin. Her voice was soft, almost calming like a wading boat in a small river on a sunny day. The sweet scent of vanilla mist radiated from her body teasing your senses each time you inhaled. She was always poised. The only garment she wore was a long silk red robe and red roses. They surrounded her like she was an expensive floral arrangement sent special delivery. She pulled her hood enough to remain a mystery, and that is what she was--an alluring mystery.

It didn't matter who came around. Bao was always in control. Men came from far and wide hoping to grace her presence. It was as if they finally came alive once she moved her long legs and drew them in with the beckoning of her finger. Closer, they would move in her direction to get a glimpse of her face. Never knowing they were under her alluring spell. That is what made Bao so damn dangerous.

A beautiful mystery she was, radiating vanilla mist and unbeknownst to them, death. Red blood stains were the men's calling cards. And who could blame the poor men. This tall, curvy long-legged mysterious being was powerful in seduction. It radiated through her very pores. And once the men were down she'd move on to her next victim. Men traveled from across the world in search of her, believing she was only a mere urban legend. With a twist of her legs and a shimmy of her hips, the men would become hooked, one by one. They were her breath of life. Their stench of curiosity drove their fearlessness to approach Bao. Their intentions remain unknown because they never got far enough to carry them out once they were within her reach.

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