Thursday, March 10, 2016

By His Command


Seven years ago Dash plucked Bee from living on the streets. He taught her how to take what she wanted by any means necessary. "How do you have honor when you have nothing," he'd bark to push her beyond her limits.

"I have a job. You will be the lead on the inside. This is your chance to prove to me that I have given you all that you need. Be aggressive. I want you more aggressive than you've ever been before. If your enemy so much as hesitates for a millisecond you must put a bullet in his head. When the job is complete we will move on to a new city as always. But, this one is tricky. No one had ever taken over Grand Pinnacle and gotten away with it. You'll need to see red. I want deadly violence. Think about how your parents held you captive in the basement. Think about how they didn't feed you for days--sometimes weeks at a time. Think of the torture. The stench of your unclean body and the filth you sat in for months. Take all the bottled up resentment with you on this job. I don't care if you shoot every person that crosses your path. Hell, I'd prefer it. But, get the damn job done. It's worth sixty million. Do you hear me, Bee?"

She stood there wearing an intense stare. All she gave him was a nod. She never uttered a word and Dash accepted that. It was her way of communicating without breaking her focus. She was seeing red and his words were all she could hear.

Dash was the only person who'd ever taken care of Bee. It was her pleasure to follow his command. And if this is what it takes to let him know she was his greatest creation she was ready to rain down on those people with a thunderous vengeance.

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