Monday, February 29, 2016

Life of Royalty

"Many people look at me and think I have it all. But, they have no idea what I had lose to get here."
Life of Royalty | © Literary Junkie

"Well, you do have it all," William said, moving the flyaway strands of hair from Zuri's flushed face. "We've been dating for a while now and I don't see the downside."

"No, William, I'll never have a regular life. I can't go to the grocery store to do my shopping. I can't drive to the local park with my favorite book of the month and sit on a bench under a shade tree to read at my leisure. There are so many things you and many others may take for granted that'd I'd love to do."

William scratched the crown of his head with a hunch of his shoulders. "I never thought of it that way."

"You must give up many things to live this lifestyle. Throw your privacy out the window. Dating without clearance—forget about it." Zuri touched the arm of one of her many security guards. "I pondered the idea of rejecting it all. When I was younger I didn't quite understand that my family was royalty. I had plans of going to college like those kids I'd see on television. My plan was to meet my husband in college. We'd both have successful careers and then have overachieving children. But, when it was my time to take the crown my plans became obsolete. Are you sure you want to give up your life," she asked staring down at the sparkling ring in the blue box.

"I'm sure of it. Before you came along my life had been uninspiring and unfulfilling. I'll give up breathing to live a part of my life with you. What good would it be to have all those things if I couldn't share at least one of them with you? With a little creativity we could live a normal life. But, I don't want to do without you. I love you Zuri. Please say you'll be my wife," he asked on one knee.

"Yes, I’ll marry you." She fell into his arms where she remained until they took their last breathe together.

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