Tuesday, February 16, 2016

In The End

In The End | ©Literary Junkie
I needed to get away to have some time to myself. So, I packed a bag and left without telling anyone. Not that they would've cared had I told them. I'd been in a month long argument with my mom. My dad doesn't pay attention to anyone outside of his idiot box. And my sister, only cares about her friends and the hot topics of the teenage world.

The day after I turned eighteen I went to the bank to get the money my grandfather left for me when he passed. All the signs for me to venture out were there. No one would miss me and I wanted to start my life as an adult.

On the flight, I sat next to a girl my age. Her name was Chrissy. We were polar opposites. She was a pink and white cardigan girl and I wore black all the way to my painted fingernails. But, we connected by our stories. We planned to spend our first couple of weeks together in New York. It was such a huge place it intimidated the both of us. Besides, it's always better to have a friend.

But, we never got to experience it. By the time, we made our vow to have each other's back we were falling from the sky. That is how our time was in New York, New York--black smoke, explosions, death and my family would never know. They'd think I was out in the world living my life without any contact. But, they were my last thought and I already missed them. The arguing, the idiot box and the teenage nightmare seemed like a dream in the end.

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