Thursday, February 18, 2016

He's my Baby

Paige and Gregg ran through the woods trying to get away from the group of men tailing them. They had weapons to torture them. It was so dark they could hardly see the ground when they stumbled upon an old house. For a moment, they stopped and looked at each other to agree to enter without ever having to say a word.

He's my Baby | ©Literary Junkie
They could hear the sound of the twigs cracking under the men's feet as they came closer. So, Gregg grabbed Paige's hand to drag her inside the old house.

"This is a mistake. It'll be the first place they'll look for us."

"Don't worry, we'll lead them in and run out the back as they get closer."

Paige held Gregg's hand so tight it began to cut off his circulation. Though, he didn't pull away because he was the one who got them into this night of horror. Paige wasn't the kind of girl who cared for nature. She was sunny beaches and shopping malls. Of course, she put up a fight to attest Gregg's asinine idea to go searching for a secret tomb buried deep in the woods. But, once he threw the--I've done everything you want for five years and we never do anything I want--guilt trip she agreed to go.

The drive took two days and the hike took half a day and before they knew it they'd lost light. Their  lantern summoned a group of evil men to their tent.

"We know you're in here. Come out, come out, wherever you are," one of the men said.

"Get out here," a man screamed, banging his bat against the wall. The structure was so old it went straight through, revealing a secret room they'd otherwise overlook. "You guys, get over here," he whispered.

"I hear something."

"It's them. Let's get them."

The men tore the wall down like a pack of crazed animals. They each filed inside all at once to the middle of the dark room.

"That sounds like a baby."

"I didn't see a kid with them."

"Doesn't matter, we'll kill it right along with them."

They shined their light down into a hole. What they saw staring up at them took their breath away. Two fell in the hole and within seconds she killed them.

Then the woman sat the cooing baby down to finish the others. "He's my baby," she screamed, with a howling voice and eyes of rage.

Light, she didn't need. Blood of foolish men, she welcomed with a great wrath.

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