Thursday, February 4, 2016


Finally | ©Literary Junkie
"Tessa," the woman whispered, touching the
sleeping beauty's flushed face. "I've been waiting so long for you. The time is almost here. So, sleep my dear because in a few more hours sleep will be a thing of the past and your life." She floated over the woman, counting the seconds for her to join her on the other side. Red blood trickled down her arm as the poison took over.

"Tessa, you have been a troubled soul with uneasiness. You've aimlessly wandered through life. No goals, no thoughts of the future. You've never had a fire in your stomach." Still, she floated over her, waiting. "Your life has been nothing but a vast puzzle of pieces that never quite fit. Always searching for answers, but never finding them. Now, it will all make sense. In another moment. Then you'll know your purpose and I can't wait," a bellow of haunting laughs echoed on the other side. "In a second you will be all mine. All mine. Stop fighting. It's going to happen." Her long skinny fingers braised upon Tessa's pale face as she released her final breathe. "Welcome," the woman said, with a twisted smile and tilted head.

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