Friday, February 12, 2016

Dipped in Gold

Dipped in Gold | ©Literary Junkie
The soft music playing through the radio moved my feet. With a smile, I circled the small chair in the grand living room where my somber friend sat with her arms crossed. Every so often she'd cut her eyes up at me as I passed in front of her.

"You should get up and join me. Dance it off."

"You have no idea what I have on my plate. Life is not all sparkles and glitter for me. Dance," she scoffed. "I have too much on my mind." She pushed her hair behind her ears. A pair of diamond earrings dangled that matched her tennis bracelet and bulky diamond ring.

"You have it so good you can't even see it. Your life sparkles as much as anyone else's. Heck, even more. You've been so focused on your current obstacle that it has blinded you. But, your life sparkles. You live in this grand house filled with nice things. Your outfit costs a month of my pay." I flicked her ear and pointed down to its matching set. "You have two beautiful daughters that give you purpose. Okay, you're going through a divorce. I'm sorry about that. I am and I'm here for you. But, don't talk to me about the struggles of life when I have to catch the train to go to an empty house once I leave here. You should be walking around as if you're dipped in gold without a worry in the world. Everything about you screams pampered. So, don't sing the woe is me song. It's not a suitable soundtrack to your life." She kissed her smiling friend. "See, that's all you need—a shot of me. I've got your back. Always have and always will."

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