Monday, February 1, 2016

Bachelor Party

Derrick paced the floor. His hands waved around like a conductor to his orchestra each time he spoke. 
Bachelor Party | ©Literary Junkie

"What was I thinking? I shouldn't have done that."

"You made a mistake. We're human. It's not like you planned to do it."

"I can't tell her I made a mistake. This is too huge. I mean really," he scoffed. "How could I call sleeping with someone else a mistake? A mistake is making a left turn when I should've taken a right. Sheryl wouldn't buy that. In fact, it would only make things worse."

"She doesn't even know it happened. I say keep your mouth shut and make it up to her without her knowing it--even if it takes a lifetime."

"So you're saying I should lie to her?"

"It's not a lie. It's a simple omission of the truth. Besides, women know we need our last hook up before we say I do. It's an unwritten rule."

"Lyn's not that way. She knows when I'm lying. She knows when something's not right. If she finds out about this, it'll all be over."

"Then keep your mouth shut!"

Derrick hurried through the snow with his babbling friend. His heart hammered inside his chest as his eyes read the note drawn into his windshield. 

"Damn, looks like you've got thirteen hours to fix this." 

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