Sunday, January 17, 2016


Val moved around the pond as the gold rays of sun kissed her face. The pond was the selling point for her newly purchased property. It was the last house on her real estate agent's list. She could envision backyard barbeques full of dancing friends and loud music--just like the ones her parents used to throw with their friends. She would run upstairs and peek out of the window. Her parents were big on protecting her innocence. If drinking was involved she could not be around. But, she never forgot.

So, without thought, Val signed on the dotted line with the highest bid. The property was hot. It was twelve acres of green pastures, a swell of trees, and the perfect lake. A lake where she could spread out a blanket, apply her suntan lotion, put on a big pair of shade and just be one with nature.

The first night in her new home, Val was so excited she could hardly sleep. She was like a little kid Christmas Eve night, eager to open the biggest gift with her name on it. And without thought, she ran downstairs in her nightgown at sunrise and jumped into the water. She moved around the pond, gliding her hands along the warm water when another pair of hands was on her. No longer was she in control of her body--it did whatever those things told it to do. Inch by inch she was being pulled under water. Val looked up to the sky with no words and she went underwater.

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