Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I woke up this morning with a lot on my plate. One of those many things was the big break up. I met Stefanie at the bookstore. She had her nose buried in the Goldman-Cecil Medicine book. That did it for me. Not only was she a girl in a bookstore on a Saturday evening, but she was also interested in medicine. Sometimes people are just even--balanced. 

We spent every day together. We studied together, laughed, bonded. But, even with all the laughs and good times we shared, it never kept her happy for too long. I could make her laugh and in the next second, it would seem as if I threw a cup of ice water on her. She'd move slower like it was the end of the world. Now I have to tell this delicate soul it's over. I'm only nineteen years old pursuing an education in medicine. When will I have the time to fix her? How could I ever think I'm qualified enough to fix her?

"I thought you were a good guy."

"I am, Stefanie."

"Good guys don't bail at the sight of imperfection."

"We're too young to be so heavy Stefanie. Besides, there won't be room for a relationship once we're miles apart. We will be okay."

"No, I won't be okay. You were the one good thing I had in my life and now I've lost you too." She bolted towards the window near the very spot where they met and leaped away from the pain.

And I jumped to save her. For half a minute I didn't think about gravity or life because life without her suddenly seemed dark. The wind in my face made it hard to breathe. I was falling faster and faster. But, it didn't matter how fast I was falling I still couldn't reach her. And then, we reached the ground--me on top of her. Both covered in blood, twisted, slow rattling gasps.

We transcended from the very flesh that bound us. I told you, we were even--balanced.  

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