Thursday, January 21, 2016

One Scary Ass Night

Tasha Wright
Four childhood friends stood outside the dilapidated house as the sky grew darker by the minute. Stranded, hungry and tired as all out, they stood there shackled in confusion mixed with fear. They wore their fear like a big brown fur coat.

"Are we doing this or not? It's getting late," Daisy said.

"We only have two choices. We either sleep in our broken down car or in there." Dave pointed.

"I'm sick of that car. I vote we go inside. I'm six-foot-two. I'm a tall girl and I need to stretch my legs," Gina said, wringing her hand around her bony wrist.

"Let's think this through. We don't know what could be in there and it's going to be dark. We haven't eaten all day and we're running off no sleep--fumes guys, which means we wouldn't have the energy to fight anyone off if we had to."

"Jesse, we don't have the luxury of being picky. This is where we're sleeping for the night. Our bodies can't take much more of the cold."

"It'll be fine," Gina said. "We'll stay together at all times. If one moves, we all move. It'll be fine."

Dave grabbed his gear and hiked up the grassy cobblestone path towards the house. And on queue, as they agreed, his friends followed his lead.

The large house felt so alone--empty. The rotten frame told them it had been decades since a living soul was inside those walls.

The furniture held so much dust it would choke the person who attempted to sleep on it. Fragments of the cracked ceiling covered the floor.

"We would've been better off in the car. It's freezing in here."

"Shut up, Daisy. We spent two nights in the woods. We can certainly survive one night in here."

"Let's try to get some sleep. I want us to start making our way home first thing in the morning."

The night had fallen and the rooms went pitch black. The heavy winds howled sparingly and conjured creaks that echoed throughout the old house.

Their eyes went to the walls and floors. They could feel it's evilness oozing from every sound in the darkness.

"Hopefully, I'll see you guys in the morning." Jesse zipped his sleeping bag up until he was buried safely inside the cotton cocoon. 

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