Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No More

Liz sat in the corner of the small bathroom. Her knees pinned to her chest with tears running down her red cheeks, lost and confused.

This had definitely been a tough year for her--from her sister's death to their family's financial ruin putting the nail in the coffin of what used to be their family. Everything was destroyed. Her mother had turned to prescription pills just to function through the day. Her father had turned to bottles filled with his tonic of choice in his shack on the other side of town.

She looked up, directly in front of her, at her pathetic reflection in the mirror. The scolding hot water pricking at her skin leaving red marks wherever it touched. But, she never flinched. She had grown numb to pain. She was all out of tears. She'd cried enough when she said her final farewells to her sister. She managed to muster up a few more tears when her family fell victims to their own demise.

Is this all that I have to look forward to? Is this my life--taking care of adults who don't even care about themselves? Well, I won't do it. I'd rather sink to the bottom of that overflowing bathtub before I dedicate my life to depression. 

She stood from the flooded floor, face to face with the framed picture she and her sister had taken on the beach. It was like she was connecting with her, telling her it was okay that she move on with her life. She'd done all that she could. And with that, she grabbed the phone to make her final effort to get them help and stuffed her suitcases with as much as they could hold and bolted out the door. The fresh air restored her. Sent shock waves through her body. Gave her a new start--a new outlook. She wished them well. But, she never looked back. Surely, there was more to life.

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