Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Life Institution for Girls

"Get in a line and stand with your backs straight. There is nothing more dreadful than a slouching woman," the stern woman stood next to the only door of the empty room with her hands clutching a small shiny stick branded with the bold words, NEW LIFE. "Your parents have made the decision for this to be your temporary home because you have gotten so out of control they can no longer help you."

"That's not true. We didn't do anything. Our stepmother said we were in her way," the petite strawberry-haired girl cried out.

"Shut your mouth. You do not speak unless you are spoken to while you are here. Do you understand me?"

"Bu--but I didn't do anything. I shouldn't be here."

"Take her away."

A group of women raced over to drag the inconsolable girl away from the group before her outburst spilled over onto the other girls.

"Wait, where are you taking my sister? We can't be separated. I  have to watch out for her."

"You girls are new to the program. So, allow me to explain my house rules. If you speak out while I am speaking you will be removed and taken to a quiet room. You will stay in the quiet room until you get used to the idea of not speaking. In the quiet room, you will eat alone, sleep alone, and reflect until I say you are ready to rejoin the group. There will not be any phone calls home. We will update your family every week. They were made aware of this upon signing you up to stay in my home. You'll have very limited trips outside and when you do go out you will be monitored. If you try to run--well, there will be grave consequences. You will be broken to your very core. There is no talking at night. If you talk, there will grave consequences. If you display inappropriate behaviors, there will be grave consequences. If you are out of uniform at any time, there will be grave consequences. Do you get the point?"

"Yes," the girls answered in unison.

"Good, the length of your stay was determined by your parents. It is up to you to make it out or have that date extended due to your attitude. And I assure you, if that date is extended, there will be," she paused.

"Grave consequences," they said.

"Humm, there's hope for you girls after all. Follow me," she opened the door and ushered the frightened girls through the impersonal institution.

Every girl who had been living in the institution had no expression. It was as if they were not human. They were blind to new girls invading their space. They simply continued on their way.

"Do you girls get the picture? By the time I send you home you will appreciate the cushy life your parents have provided you spoiled brats. Now grab the bags with your names on them. This is your personal hygiene items, pajamas, etc. The number below your names are your room numbers. Go to your room and one of us will be there to process you in one by one shortly. Welcome to New Life Institution for Girls."

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