Friday, January 22, 2016

My Family

"I love my family. We have fun together, laugh--heck we gel.

My sister, Delilah, is the outgoing one of the three of us. She's on the basketball team, swim team and she's one of the most popular girls in her class. No, scratch that, she's the most popular girl in the school. Delilah is even loved by the teachers. That's a big deal. People are nice to me because of her. But, never tell her that. She can't handle compliments. Blows her big head up.

My little brother is a headache. He's always experimenting and building things. One day he set our garage on fire. He's lucky our dad is just as geeky as him because if it were me I would've been grounded for life. But, they have their boys only science club. My mom never said anything either. She just does whatever dad tells her to do.

I'm the quiet one. Well, recently I learned I'm adorable. These are not my words. I wouldn't describe myself as some adorable doe-eyed girl. I'd rather be seen as someone to fear. As a matter of fact, my entire family should be feared by every living person that has rich red blood flowing through their veins.

Each of us had to learn to exude the qualities of the all-American family so people would be vulnerable--like us, trust us.

We need humans to live. Been that way all my life. Vampire," she laughed. "We're no such thing. It's just the way we are. I've asked my dad why we're this way, but he only tells me, it's because we are special. A cut above the rest. That's all I get.

But, we aren't special. I hate it when we run low on blood. That only means my dad will take me and my little brother on a trip to be adorable for some unsuspecting fool for our source of nourishment.

I've never gotten used to the screaming. But, it's either us or them, and just like I told you earlier--I love my family. So, if you see us, don't engage. Don't be hospitable. Because we will always choose us and you," she chuckled. "Well, you will dinner."

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