Sunday, January 3, 2016

Monster Within

Since I was a young child I formed the idea that there was some other being that lived under my bed like most children.

I would try to play or run myself ragged just so I'd close my eyes and quickly fall asleep because my cries fell on deaf ears when it came to my parents. As a matter of fact, that always bothered me. Aren't our parents supposed to protect us--keep us safe from harm?

Well, not mine. I was on my own.

At night, once the lights would go out, I could hear them breathing heavy. The sounds weren't human and if they were human, they must have been possessed. It was more like a growl.

I could hear them moving about throughout the night. But, the one that scared me the most was the that lived in my closet. Every night I would see those two red dots staring at me through the shutter doors. He wouldn't move. He'd stay in that same spot all night. He was a watcher. I felt helpless.

Now that I'm an adult they no longer live under my bed or in my closet. No, they live in my head. They make me do and say things I don't want to do. But, I am not in control. They are...

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