Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mental Madness

"People with mental illnesses act like adolescent babies, make silly sounds and eat the grapes off  of old wallpaper. I don't do any of that. I feel it deep within my soul. I see myself looking back at me, but it's not really me. It doesn't move when I move. It doesn't listen to me.

She is fighting to get out, driving me insane so she can break lose. But, I can't let her win. She wants to hurt everyone I know. There's no coming back from her kind of hurt. She breathes death. She thrives off of it. 

Each time that I see her she does things to drive me insane. That's a limited mind and I'm much stronger than this thing stuck in mirrors. I'm an army brat. You had to be strong to survive that life without breaking. 

I hear her whispers, telling me to do sadistic things to people. I turn away and try to block her out, but she's getting into my head. Call me crazy. Say I have a mental illness. But, I know she is real and there is only one way to get rid of her," she said, blowing out a stomach full of air. 

"To save them. I must die."

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