Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Her Tears

"You stand there and laugh at me after what you did."

"What did I do, Lynda? Huh, what did I do," he screamed, as he moved closer to the woman hiding behind the door. She stood there with tears in her eyes, beaten and bruised, but it didn't phase him.

"You hit me. Y--you did exactly what you said you would never do. You men, you men make these promises. You smile, you say all the right words, and then--and then you do this. Why? We've been together for two years. You've never hit me. But, now you do this. Why?"

"I didn't hit you, Lynda."

"Are you saying I'm lying?"

"I'm saying you're not thinking straight. You're upset and now you're making things up."

With one long breath, Lynda stepped away from the door with more courage than she's ever had before. "I'm not straight, you say. I know you've been out drinking. I know you came home in a foul mood. I know when I asked where you'd been and who you were with you started screaming and you grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me into the wall."

"Like I said I didn't hit you."

"You left an imprint of my body in the wall. I have bruises down my back. Every time I breathe in it feels like a knife is stabbing my organs, which means I may have a broken rib and I need to go to the doctor. And there you stand, laughing at me because I'm crying. You're a coward and it's not going to take me to get hit ten more times to get it through my head that you are not worth it. I love myself enough for the both of us. So, you don't have to care for me or protect me. You don't have to the man you promised me you'd be. You don't have to be anything. What you need to do is move out of my way, out of my life, and take your ring with you. Be gone when I come home." She stormed away into a new chapter in her life. A chapter where she wouldn't be afraid. She wouldn't stand in a corner and cry when she should be taking up for herself. A chapter where her lessons wouldn't be learnt in blood, bruises, or broken bones.

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