Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Help Me

"Hold the window, John. I mean, God, you begged me to come to this place and now you're leaving me behind."
"Don't snap at me just because you're scared."

"I'm not scared of that lame story you told me. We don't know who could be in this deserted building in the middle of the night. So, don't run off and leave me when you are the reason I'm here."

"Come on." He grabbed her arm. "We're supposed to go to the east wing of the hospital. That's where people have seen her."

"I never realized how gullible you are until this very reason."

"It's true, Sadie. My brother and two of his friends saw her senior year. He told me he saw her." His body hung low.

"Pass me the flashlight. You're having a moment. I'm sorry about your brother, but it's too dark in an unfamiliar place to have a moment."

"I've got it." He shined the light on the rusted silver sign. 

"Hi," a little girl dressed in a white gown clenching a teddy bear said. "My name is, Rachel."

John and Sadie stuck to one another like velcro. 

"Help me."

"This isn't real," Sadie whispered. "You're pulling a sick prank on me."

"I'm real," she tilted her head with a frown. "I'm as real as you. But, no one will help me."

John and Sadie backed away down the dark hall.

"You have to help me. If you see me and you don't help me I won't go away."

John snapped out of his daze and made a run for it. Sadie ran as fast as him. But, no matter how fast they ran, Rachel even faster and she was standing in the headlights of the car by the time they made it for their quick getaway.

"You have to help me or I can't go away until you are just like me."

Sadie whispered, "Open your eyes. I think that's your brother."

"Yes," he swallowed hard. "That's him--that's all of them."

"John we have to do what she says. Come on." She opened the car door and stepped out in the midst of the little girl and all the rebellious souls that were stuck to her. "What do you want?"

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