Tuesday, January 12, 2016


"Kitty, do you hear me talking to you?"

"Please shut up. My head is spinning and your squeaky voice is not making it any better. What happened last night?"

The woman leaned back onto the chair and fiddled with her manicured nails.

"Hello, Meg. I know you hear me talking to you."

"You told me to shut up."

"When have you ever listened and actually shut up?"

Meg laughed, "Okay, fine, what do you want to know?"

"I want to know what happened last night. Why am I feeling so terrible today?"

"The same thing that happens every time we have an era party. You were doing the fox trot, swinging and dancing the jitterbug all over the place."

"It was a 1930's party. That's my favorite decade. But, that doesn't explain why my head is pounding."

"Oh, you drank hooch all night. You started off with wine, advanced to mixed drinks, and then when Kyle broke out the hooch you chugged it."

"I drank hooch?"

"You guzzled hooch--half a bottle to be exact. There's no telling what all was in that homemade concoction."

"Why didn't you stop me? We made a pact to watch out for each other when it came to Kyle."

"Yeah, we made a pact, but I thought that pact was over when I woke up on a boat in the middle of nowhere the morning after we were hanging out with Kyle."

"You literally tried to fist fight me when I tried to take you home. You said you wanted to sail with Kyle and I was being a jealous shrew."

"It was the liquor talking. I would never fight you."

"You punched me so hard I figured I'd let you do whatever you wanted to do. You hit me like a three hundred pound sumo wrestler," she giggled. "So, you're saying you let me drink to the point of amnesia because I let you go sailing with Kyle?"

"It wasn't nice waking up with that big hairy monster watching me sleep. I still freak out when I get mental visions of what could've happened if Kyle wasn't a good guy."

"Good guy or not, I'm drawing a line in the sand to fight you for letting me drink this much. But first, help me get home so I can get out of this getup."

"Why would I help you knowing we're going to fight as soon as you're out of this dress?"

"Oh please, I could never fight you. Mom and Dad would kill us," she laughed. "Do you remember what happened the first and only time we fought?"

Tessa lifted up her skirt to show off the branded bbq grill grate pattern on her butt. "How could I forget? When Mom pulled us apart I lost my footing and landed on Dad's grill for a good five seconds. Fighting with you is so not worth it." She kissed her sister's forehead with a smile.

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