Thursday, January 14, 2016

Femi and Akello

Two girls stood hand in hand, side by side in the  midst of the burning candles waiting for the final crossover of their spirits into the physical world.

The coven chanted around the room as if they were praying for rain. The flames from the candles turned red and began to pop like the flames of burning firewood.

Soon after, Femi appeared with a menacing frown, just as the group had planned. She held on tightly to Akello's hand, refusing to let go until she was standing next to her.

Akello was Femi's other half--created identical on the outside but very different personalities for one agenda.

As the coven said their last words the small flames of the candles grew tall inside the small room and Akello soon appeared before them. They celebrated their amazing feat so much they forgot about the soulless girls they'd called upon until Femi and Akello reigned down a powerful force onto them. The room shook the candles over and flames crawled up the walls and onto them. Their howling screams rang with terror.

"W--what are you doing? We created the both of you. We brought you here. You're not supposed to hurt us. You're supposed to hurt everyone else. You do what we say. Stand down! Stand down right now," the woman dressed in the dark clock commanded.

Femi and Akello glanced at one another with a spine-chilling laugh and released a force so powerful it picked the pleading woman  up from the ground and dropped her into the tall flames. The girls turned from the burning house and disappeared into the dark night, hand in hand and side by side.

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