Sunday, December 20, 2015


"I spy with my little eye your sworn enemy wearing a moo moo in public." Cree held the pastry up with a devious stare.
"What did she do to herself?"
"She had a boatload of babies," Cree belted out a laugh that only select ears could stand. It was like a howl and then a gulp of air over and over.
"It's hard to believe she used to fit in a cheerleading suit."
"Hold on, Cree. Maybe we should keep our voices down. The last thing we need is for our mean girl conversations getting back to her."
"We're not being mean. We're being honest. She didn't feel bad when she pushed you face first into your cake on your seventeenth birthday at a party she wasn't even invited to."
"That was so embarrassing. However, I guess I deserved it when I threw my red soda on her white dress in front of everyone during lunch," she recalled, catching her breath from the nonstop laughter.
"It's not like her dad couldn't whip up another one. You two were always doing stuff to each other. I'm surprised you graduated. Both of you put more energy into humiliating the other one than you did scholastically."
"Gosh, you steal one boyfriend in grade school and you pay for it the rest of your life."
"Well, it's Saturday morning, we've got our junk food and beauty routines underway." Stasia dropped the half eaten donut. "Our big presentation is Monday. Are you nervous?"
"Nope, we're totally prepared and ready for this. Just think, soon our accessories could be available worldwide."
"Yeah, all we've got to do now is get past Dina and her moo-moo. Hopefully, the girl doesn't hold grudges."
Cree leaned back as of the wind had been knocked out of her. Perhaps, the thought of their childish high school vendettas holding them back was enough to take her breath away. But, only time would tell---Monday morning that is. ‪#‎LiteraryJunkie‬

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