Monday, December 14, 2015

They Must Die

That night, I saw her talking on the phone. She stood there twirling her long fingers about the cord. Her dancing red painted lips taunted me with every word she spoke. I stood there, pretending to read a week old newspaper, watching her. I watched around her to see if she was alone. I wanted to wait to see where she would go, but in fear of losing this mysteriously beautiful creature I had to take her before she finished her call. I couldn't wait. Sure, she begged and pleaded for me to let her go, but I couldn't do that. She was just too dang beautiful. Just like the others, I had to change that. Growing up, I hated those beautiful girls. Always sticking their noses up at me. Always making fun of me. If I could rid the world of them all, I would, one beauty at a time. #LiteraryJunkie

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