Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Lamb

Whoever said love didn't hurt never met Roxy. She was what some call a free spirit. She did what she wanted whenever she wanted. 

As an adolescent, she had to touch the dancing flames even though she was told they'd burn. As a teen, if she was given a curfew she wouldn't show up at all. As an adult, she simply did what she wanted without  regard. 

"Tell us where she is and we'll go away. It's that simple, Kid." 

"No," he moaned, clawing his chest. 

"You're a bigger fool than I expected. Do you think you're the first," he scoffed. "Sorry, Kid, you're not and you won't be the last." The men emptied their guns until his lifeless body fell backwards into the deep dark grave they'd dug for his final resting place. 

"I had high hopes for him. I've never given anyone a chance to get out. He blew it. Good riddance." #LiteraryJunkie

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