Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Murder For Hire

"Abby, what are you doing here?
You're in the wrong spot."

"Mike, you---you promised me you were done. You said you were getting out. You promised me," she cried, hunched over as if her life was seeping out through every cry.

"Just this one last job, baby. I give you my word. I won't ever ask you to do this again."

"Bu---but you said the thought of killing more people would drive you over the edge. The thought of asking me to be a part of it was even worse. I---I can't do this anymore. I---I.."

"Don't do this right now. You know what will happen. You've got to play your part. They'll be here in about twenty minutes."

"This is my last job. Once it's done, I'm done with you. I'm not this kind of person. I was a good person until I met you. Now, you've turned me into this monster. Honestly, I don't think you care what happens to me. All you see me as is your lamb. I'm done with this." Abby took a deep breath and stood to finally rid herself of Mike and his lifestyle.

For years, she quietly stood by while Mike added to his fortune by the blood of his prey. She could never get used to how callously he'd walk away from those dead bodies. But, not her. She could hear their sobs in her nightmares. No matter how often she washed her hands, the blood was still there. None of it was going away. But, that didn't mean she couldn't walk away. #LiteraryJunkie

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