Monday, December 21, 2015

Creatures of the Forest

"Three years apart, mysterious people have been seen wandering around this dark forest. They're always dressed in black cloaks carrying lanterns, searching for the unknown," the girl whispered. "Check this out. These aren't regular footprints. It's like an animal or something."
With frightened eyes, Wesley grabbed her arm. His fear rattled his nerves from deep within. "I think they can hear you."
It turned around, eyes darting in every direction to pinpoint the sounds. He let out a burning breath of air that seemed as if it was searing the walls of his lungs each time it inhaled. But the smell--the smell was that of rotten flesh and blood.
Wesley tightly covered Krista's mouth with his trembling hands to avoid the tragedy that thing would surely cast upon them. And after what felt like an eternity, they finally stood from their hidden spot to hike back to their getaway car, but learned those things traveled in packs and they were everything they feared. And then, they returned to the darkness to continue their search for the unknown ready to destroy whoever or whatever got in their way. ‪#‎LiteraryJunkie‬

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