Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Case A1899 Closed

Overcome with suffocating pain, Malorie clutched her neck unable to control the stream of tears racing from her sorrowful eyes.

Months had long passed since her husband was coined as Case A1899 that faithful Christmas night.

Malorie always knew her husband's disappearance had something to do with his last journalism venture of truth. But, no one would listen to her. All those criminal profilers with their characteristic traits saying, "He's not the type of victim the killer targets." But, Malorie knew better. Her husband had gotten closer to solving the case than any of them. In fact, he'd gotten so close he asked Malorie to think about spending some days with her parents for a while after Christmas.

Now, it was all over. When her husband was named Case A1899 his death was the last in their string of murders. It gave Malorie comfort to know that even in death he was still doing what he loved--exposing the truth. 

A sigh escaped from her soul, deep within. Of exasperation, mourning, and relief. It was the moment she let go. #LiteraryJunkie

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