Saturday, November 21, 2015

Keep Them Away

"I've figured it out," he said. "If I keep writing they won't come. I've been writing for days now and I haven't seen them." 

"What are you talking about, Abbott? No one's here but us."

"No, you're wrong. Those things come in the dead of night." Sweat poured down his body. "They torture me. You know what they're capable of. You've seen how they leave me scratched and torn up."

"Abbott, that was you," she said with tears pouring from her eyes. "You did those things to yourself. When you don't take your medicine you always hurt yourself."

"No, you're lying. I'm not crazy. Those things would wait until I'm asleep and they'd come up to me and it was like they'd feed on me. You'll see once they can't feed off me and they need someone else because you'll be it. You'll be begging for someone to believe you. I'll never stop writing. Never!" Like caged animal, he laid there staring into the distance anticipating seeing those red eyed creatures feeding on him through the night. 

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