Thursday, November 12, 2015

Goodbye Love

I can feel the trembles in his hands. He was struggling to find the words to say goodbye. We've only been married six months and any day I will take my last breath. I know this is selfish thinking, but why did this happen to me---to us? We had a beautiful life planned. We'd have two little ones. Of course I'd be a housewife. He's already a successful lawyer. We even found our dream home a week before we got the terrible news. But right now he has to say goodbye to me and I need to say goodbye to him. My strength is slowly fading. I've been fighting for days to give him the time to find his closure. But, darkness is closing in on me. My heightened senses tells me a new journey is drawing near. It's a feeling of infinite peace. Yet, right now I can feel the trembles in his hand. He must say goodbye to me. #LiteraryJunkie #writer #passion #lifeofawriter #picoftheday #pictureprompt #creativity

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