Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day By Day

"When I was younger I felt invincible against time. I lived life day by day." Reva scoffed. "You couldn't tell me anything. I was tall, slender, and beautiful. So dang full of life, and life was amazing. I traveled the world. I was a ballet dancer in Russia. I soared over the Atlantic Ocean with your grandfather when we sky dived after exchanging our vows. I even attempted to climb Mount Everest. I didn't get far, but the point is, I tried. I lived life and it was amazing. When I look in the mirror and I see my wrinkled face I feel proud. I don't have any regrets. I have extraordinary memories. And I want that for you. Don't let anyone stop you from living life without boundaries. I see you go to work everyday. Then you come home and you work even more. There's so much out there to see and I want you to see it all just like I did. Do you understand what I'm saying to you," she asked her granddaughter, who replied with a simple nod. Reva kissed her forehead and drifted away into a deep slumber. In her dreams she was still a slender twenty-year-old girl exploring the world without a map or a plan. Just day by day. #LiteraryJunkie

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