Monday, November 30, 2015

Could Be Worse

Physically and emotionally tired, Fei sat on the train replaying the day's events over and over in her head. It was all like a domino effect. She woke up that morning to her car being vandalized to the point that it was written off as a total loss. This meant she was late for work and her final warning for her consistent tardiness was in full effect. But through it all, the silver lining was today is her one year anniversary with her boyfriend. She was sure he would do something to make it all better. Somehow, someway he would make it all better. But, to her surprise it was the total opposite. He never showed. They had plans and he never even called. Fei sat on the train with a blank stare and said, "Could this day get any worse?" 

A man next to her turned with a freshly stitched long scar from the crown of his head beyond his shirt and said, "You could be all alone in a city of a million people, just discharged from the hospital after suffering a head injury, riding a loud bumpy train with no pain pills in fear of passing out before you get home. So yeah, it could be much worse." #LiteraryJunkie

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