Friday, September 25, 2015

You Owe Me ©LiteraryJunkie

Beyond the beautiful smiling faces. Beyond the lights. Beyond the howling screams. Beyond it all was a blanket of loneliness. Alona was a thrown into a world of entertainment before she could talk. Her biggest qualm was not knowing the true intentions of the people in her circle. Sure, they love you when you're on top. They'd even confess their never ending love. But, countless times she had been proven wrong by her family, friends, and lovers as soon as they are offered a big payout for her deepest secrets. That's where their loyalty ended.

"I can't keep doing this with you. I don't know what more I could do to prove my love to you. All we're doing is hurting each other."

"You're talking to someone who's heard it all, Michael. I'm so tired of people coming into my life, promising me the moon and the stars, only to leave me with a handful of nothing."

"When your mother passed, who was there for you around the clock? Who made sure you would eat? Who would physically pick you up out of bed and carry you to a warm bath every single day without fail? Who Alona?"


"Who prays with you when your spirit is low when you want to throw your hands up and quit?"


"Who put their life on hold to be by your side to help you knock doors down to keep your brand in the top spot?"

"You did, Michael. Why are you throwing this in my face. Do you feel like I owe you for the things you've done for me," she huffed. "Everyone has a price. Every damn time everyone has a price."

"I don't want your money. I want your heart, Alona. So, yes, you owe me your heart. That's all I want."

"Not going to happen."

"Why not? I've been by your side for two years. You have my heart. It's only right."

"My heart is worth more than precious jewels. My heart is my most valuable asset. It is the strongest and most worthwhile thing in my possession. It is constantly bruised and broken. But somehow it always seems to repair itself with no help from me. My heart drives me. It moves me. It is me and it can't be given away. Sure, you've done many things for me.  You've been there for me. But, my heart can't be given away. It must be earned and only time can do that. How much time," she paused. "I can't tell you that.  But, if you want it, then you should have no problem sticking around to find out."

Which are you?

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