Sunday, September 27, 2015

Final Curtain Call

For years, CeCe had been conditioning her body and putting dance before everything and everyone in her life. Sure, she knew she was getting old in the world of dance and the young dancers were making her work harder to hold on to her top spot. But, no one was going to take it away from her. She'd lost family, friends and relationships because her eyes had been set one thing---dance. She'd  become so well known she could skip auditions all together and land the top spot, until now.

"What do you mean I'm secondary? I'm always the lead!"

"Not this time."

"No one can bring dance to life like me. So, who is she? Who do you think is going to do a better job than me?"

"New girl, Angie. She's a fresh face with new moves. We need new."

"You've got to be kidding me. Her lines suck as much as her lead feet."

"Now you know she dances like an angel. Get used to is CeCe. You've had a good run. But, we need new bodies."

"And you tell me this right before we go on."

"This is not some high school dance team, CeCe. One thing you can bank on is change at any given time. You can take secondary or nothing at all. Doesn't much matter to me. The show will go on."

CeCe stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. Her mind ran a mile a minute. Her eyes bounced around the room filled with props and in no time she had her answer.

Angie eased in the small room and closed the door behind her. "Could we talk?"

"You're brave."

"I knew you would be upset that I'm lead tonight. But, I can do this. I've learned from you."

"You've only been here four weeks," CeCe said, as she held a tall silver sabre tightly in her grasp. "How in the world have you learned from me. It took me years to get where I am, Sweetheart, and there is no way in hell I'm going to let you take my spot."

Angie looked up from the twinkle of the lights alerting them that it was time for curtain call. 

With her heart racing along with her thoughts CeCe leapt into action to have her final dance on stage. She wheeled the sabre towards CeCe until she saw red. Oh yes, she would have her final dance because the show must go on and with a smile plastered across her face she raced to the curtain and assumed the position. 

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