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Sandra Bland: Case Watch

Sandra Bland

Recently, there has been a number of cases involving minorities interaction with the police. So many cases that it is hard to keep up with them all. However, Sandra Bland's case has sparked a significant amount of rage and questions---not only amongst African Americans---but amongst all PEOPLE! There have been many inconsistencies and erroneous errors from the moment Sandra was stopped by law enforcement and even more so after she was reportedly deceased.

To get a grasp of what is going on, we must start from the moment she arrived in Texas from Chicago, Illinois.

According to Sandra's Facebook post, she arrived in Waller County on 7/9/2015. The caption of her post reads, "The Official welcome back #WallerCountyLine #FatgirlISH" (see picture below)

Sandra Bland's Facebook Page

Sandra said it was her welcome back because she has lived in the Houston, TX area before. As a matter of fact, Sandra is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University. Her Facebook post leads you to believe she was seemingly upbeat and excited about being back in the Houston, TX area. She actually took a quiz on Facebook, "Which US City Do You Belong In?" and guess what, Houston, TX was her city, and she was happy about that. She posted her quiz results with the caption, "Well, I have lived in H-Town before #I♥TX" (see picture below)
Sandra Bland's Facebook Page
Unfortunately, Sandra is arrested on 07/09/2015. The choppy dashcam video has sparked millions of questions. Please follow this link to get a full description of the Chopped Dashcam Video.

Here's a timeline:

07/09/2015 - Sandra arrived in Waller County. 
07/10/2015 - Sandra was pulled over by the sheriff and taken  into custody
07/11/2015 - Sandra called her family/friend to explain she was still in custody
07/12/2015 - Sandra has gone silent. No more phone calls to family or friends
07/13/2015 - Sandra allegedly hung herself in her cell

On 7/22/2015, during an interview with MSNBC Sandra's family attorney, Cannon Lambert, stated he just received a text message from the Waller County, D.A. stating they needed a second autopsy because the first one was defective and further examination of her body may be needed. However, as soon as this information was released to the public during the interview with MSNBC, Waller County, D.A. tweeted that they made no such request. As I stated, there are many questions surrounding this case, and this being one of them. (click on the link to see the MSNBC interview with Lambert and Cooper)

Why would the attorney say he received a text from Waller County, D.A. if there was no text sent?
If there was a text sent, why would Waller County, D.A. deny making this request?

During the interview with MSNBC, the attorney and Sandra's sister, Sharon Cooper, did acknowledge and verify that Sandra did lose a baby in 2014. But, this was a pregnancy in it's very early stage, which means it was a miscarriage and a baby that has been born. The sheriff's department has alluded that Sandra was depressed and suicidal previously, so that must be the reason why Sandra committed suicide. But, this loss of pregnancy was in 2014. (see picture below) 

Document from ABC13-Miya Shay

Yes, a miscarriage is quite a troubling loss to endure and not every woman handles this loss the same way. We do not know how much Sandra desired to be a mother or her complications. Although we can see that she dealt with her loss and continued on with her life by her uplifting videos she posted daily and coined as, Sandy Speaks. (Click on the links below to listen to Sandra Bland's videos)

In the first video, Sandra is trying to send a message to the younger generation on how to carry themselves, speak up and be educated in the interaction with police officers. In the second video Sandra does state she has/is suffered from depression and PTSD. Throughout the video, Sandra professes her love for the Lord Jesus Christ and getting through depression by acknowledging it. From Sandra's arrest video, she screams to the arresting officer that she also suffers from epilepsy as well.

On 7/11/2015 Sandra left a voicemail on her friend, LaVaughn Mosely's phone. (click on the link below to see the video and listen to the voice message) Sandra tells LaVaughn she is still in custody at the Waller County Jail and her bail is set at $5,000.00. She also states she doesn't understand how all of this is occurring from a traffic stop.

What did the judge say?
Why was her bail set so high for an unlawful arrest?
Why wasn't she released after explaining to the judge what occurred?

During the MSNBC interview Sandra's sister, Sharon, states they did receive a call from Sandra within 24hrs of her being detained (7/11/2015 at 1:50 pm), but that was the last time they heard from Sandra. 

So from here you have

07/09/2015 - Sandra arriving in Waller County
07/10/2015 - Sandra was arrested 
07/11/2015 - Sandra saw the judge and was not released. Sandra told her sisters about her bail and was assured she would be bailed out. Her sister, Sharon, states Sandra knows them well enough to know to call back, but they never got that call. She emphasizes on expecting a call that Sunday, but the call never came. Sandra did make another call to her friend, LaVaughn on the same date, as you see above.

07/12/2015 - Sandra goes sight unseen. No more phone calls even though she knows her sisters have assured her they will be there to bail her out. 

07/13/2015 - Sandra is reportedly dead!

Why didn't she make any more calls?
Why would she be suicidal when she knew her sisters would be bailing her out?
Why would she be suicidal when she expressed they would hear from her lawyer?

Sandra's mugshot has raised the most disturbing questions of them all. That being, was she standing or laying down in her mugshot, and if she was laying down, was she dead or alive? Below is a Facebook post from an ex-military individual who raised valid points about the photo. (see photo below)

Jzajaidah Selah Huskey-Lee's Facebook post

Compare Sandra's selfie photo to her mugshot for a moment. The fat in her face is that of someone lying on their back (the instant facelife effect), the shadow is cast directly behind Sandra as it would be if you are photographed from someone standing over you and not offest of someone who is being photographed standing up with the photographer directly across from you. 

Sandra Bland

Take a look at this photograph floating around the net to show you the difference in being photographed laying down vs standing up. Look above at Sandra's shoulders, and then look below at the reinacted photo vs standing up. Look at the differences in shadows as well.

Reinacted Photograph
Granted, this is only speculation, but again it raises many questions.

During the interview on MSNBC, the attorney states on 07/22/2015 there was another autopsy performed once Sandra's remains were back in Chicago, Illinois and the results will be available in 2-3 weeks. 

Sandra has had many encounters with the police dating back as far as 2004. Though she was never violent towards the officers or anyone else for that matter. There are no indications on her criminal record for resisting in any of her encounters.

Her offenses were:
March 2013 - Speeding and driving uninsured vehicle
November 2013 - Arrested for a warranted (does not state what the warrant was for)
February 2014 - Driving uninsured vehicle with an expired license plate
March 2014 - DUI, speeding, failing to signal, improper lane change and a suspended license. All charges were dismissed from this arrest, except DUI
May 2014 - Speeding
May 2010 - Misdemeanor of possession of marijuana and DWI
April 2009 - Misdemeanor of possession of marijuana (charges were dismissed)
June 2005 - Retail theft of less than $150. Paid a fine and issued community service under supervision

Still I ask, was the arrest necessary? What is missing? Why was she arrested? Did she have a warrant? There are missing pieces to explain what occurred to where she ended up.

According to an inmate, Alexandria Pile, who was in the cell near Sandra, believes Sandra ended her life. Alexandria mentions Sandra was upset that LaVughn hadn't showed up to bail her out, even though he told her he would be there two days before they talked. However, Alexandria also stated that she and Sandra could only talk through a small triangle hole. Therefore, she is expressing her opinion and not facts.

And so we wait and monitor for more on Sandra Bland's case.


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