Saturday, April 11, 2015

Picture Writing Prompt: The Store Clerk ©

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Picture Writing Prompt - April
The trio went over the story like a well-rehearsed play. Both girls recited their horrid visions of the panicked clerk, as she was dragged out of the store like a rag-doll. The frost had long spared the green, and a slow ballet of majestic snowflakes fell from the indigo sky upon their frozen skin.

“I don’t know why you’re questioning us as if we had something to do with this. We called you! I told you the girl was young, probably sixteen, blonde, and very thin. I don’t know anything else.”

“Yeah, you’re treating us like we’re the criminals?” Jole turned to her trembling friend. A gust of frosted air blew from her mouth with every spoken word, “I told you we should have stayed out of this. But no, you insisted that we call. Now we’re being treated like common criminals when those animals have probably killed that girl by now.”

“Shut the hell up! A girl is missing and a trail of her blood is on the floor,” the man pointed with a pensive glare and flared nostrils. “Now, start from the beginning and tell me what you saw.”

“Three men got out of a black car. The windows were as dark as the car. I’m sure that was illegal as well. I can't recall the make or model. All three of them had a gun. That poor girl never stood a chance because they went straight for her. That's when we ducked behind the hardware store to call you.”

“As a matter of fact you were here before any of the other police officers.”

“And I haven’t seen you write any of this down.” 

Jacey turned to run towards the swarm of officers moving about the store. Though, the man was much too quick for her. The handle of the gun was the last thing her gray eyes saw when her body fell weightlessly on the bed of snow. Streams of her red blood glistened upon the blue moon. 

Then two men jumped out from the blanket of darkness and pulled the woman, kicking and screaming, to toss her next to the thin blonde haired young girl. In those bulged lifeless eyes, she saw her fate, and a life she never had the chance to live.

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