Monday, February 2, 2015


Why does it take a tragedy in order for society to show a little compassion? 

Let's take a look a Bobbi Kristina. This young woman has been laughed at, talked about, and ridiculed since her mother, Whitney Houston, has passed away. Sure, there were people who offered consoling words of comfort. But then, there were the people, in masses, tearing this young woman apart. Insinuating about things they did not about at a time when her world was falling apart. 

With so much pain and emptiness, this young lady checked out---spiraled out of control. How could a person pull through a painful loss when the mass is constantly throwing stones? Could you imagine that? Okay, let's do that...

Tragedy- Writer, Tasha Wright
Imagine you are in you're nineteen years old and your mother has been your rock and best friend. She's not a perfect woman. But, she's all you know and love with every fiber of your being. Then suddenly, without warning, she's gone AND you were the one who found her lifeless body. Your best friend. Your mother. GONE! Did you imagine that? How does it make you feel?

Now, imagine having to deal with this while the mass is saying so many hurtful things about you and your mother. Imagine that. Use your emotions. Put yourself in her shoes. Empathize. 

Unfortunately, the mass did not empathize. The mass continued to ridicule and add fuel to the flames. We don't know what caused her to end up in the hospital to fight for her life. But, I see a change. Now that she is hanging on by a thread, society is empathizing. Why not do that when you know a person is dealing with tragedy?

I pray she pulls through and I hope she can find a way to continue on with life in a positive way, even with the whispers and stares of the world. 

Our society has got to do better. We are all human with human emotions. Stop kicking people while they're down. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. 

Writer, Tasha Wright

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