Saturday, January 10, 2015

Put Your Foot Down

It's very hard to tell your heart to STOP loving, drumming up memories, evoking thoughts in everything you see and hear.

But, there comes a point when you've got to do something drastic to stop the heart wrenching emotion of what could or should have (so you would like to think) been.

Oh boy, when love goes wrong!

You put all of your energy and effort into a person expecting to get the same in return, for the long haul. However, you get the complete opposite---failure. A failed friendship and relationship you were building with someone who you thought deserved your time and attention.
Put Your Foot Down * Tasha Wright

So, when those efforts aren't returned you must move the heck on. It's hard and sometimes unimaginable. The thought of never speaking or thinking about that person again causes you a pain so dreadful those emotions form into a ball in the pit of your stomach. They stay there and eventually make its way through your body, IF you allow it that much power.

There are people who think a friendship could still be salvaged from a failed relationship, and sometimes it can be done. But, not when you both aren't on the same page. Not when one of you still believe in that love. A friendship could be formed if you both believe you were never meant to be in love, but as friends. However, if one still believes they were totally cheated out of their destiny there is no way that person could only be a friend. A friend has to witness their friend date, fall in love, and marry SOMEONE ELSE! (forget that)

So, when you attempt to forge this friendship after your failed relationship, it is doomed from the beginning! That is when those emotions will form stress.

Drastic times call for drastic measures!

Let it go. Let him/her go. There are no friends in love and war. You are at war with your heart. He/she may think you're being totally unreasonable. But, selfishly you must put yourself before them. Protect your peace of mind, health, and your faith in love, because if you don't, you may never find THE ONE who's out there waiting for you to let go of the one who was only supposed to teach you a small element of love.

Put Your Foot Down and tell that person, enough is enough. Tell them, "go on with your life and allow me to go on with mine. I wish you the best because that is what I want for me as well. But, in order for me to get to that point, I must let you go. Yes, it is personal. It is my heart." And briskly walk away.

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