Friday, January 2, 2015

Negativity, Stay The Heck Away!

It has been said that whatever you send into the universe comes back to you. 

The universe must have a back log of our past transgressions and they are catching up on it or that saying must not be entirely true.

Picture this before you call me crazy...You woke up in a positive headspace with a goofy grin ready to tackle the day. But then, out the blue you run face first into a brick wall of negativity. It is beyond your control and definitely not warranted. Remember, you were happy this morning. Smiling and waving at strangers! You put sugar plums and lollipops into the universe when you opened your eyes. Why is the universe turning a blind eye to this fact!?

One minute you're humming the latest tunes and popping your fingers, and the next second you've been forced to face this growling pitbull foaming at the mouth named Negativity. 

UNIVERSE, wake up! What is this?

Psst, no one really knows the rhyme or reason. The only thing you can control is how you react to the things that come your way. Make a decision if it is worth your energy or the sacrifice of your peace of mind. No person should have the power to control your emotions or cause you health problems with their attitude. 

Flash a killer smile, flip your hair, and strut away in the opposite direction and tell Negativity, "Stay the heck away from me! You are not welcomed around here!"

Honestly, the only thing you can control is YOU!

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