Friday, January 23, 2015

The Intimidation Factor

I heard a radio broadcast of a bad date on the radio this morning. The gentleman stated that the woman did nothing but talk about herself. He recalled the conversations of her telling him about having her master's degree, her career, and 401k. He then went on to say she was showing off by sitting her car keys on the table to show off the Lexus emblem. 

I call bullshit! ✋

Most topics on a first date are the ones that allow the two to get to know more about each another. The guy mentioned he only had an associates and an okay car and that doesn't make her better than him. Possibly he felt intimidated by this woman after heard her list of accomplishments, and decided to make her his scapegoat by saying all she does is brag about herself. In his heart he knew she would always be ahead of him. 

It takes a real man to handle this type of woman. She doesn't need him for material things because she can buy those things for herself. This man missed the boat! He doesn't need to have those things she has. He simply needs to have the qualities of a compassionate MAN. Share her visions, bring something to the table, teach her something new, be trustworthy, apreciate her, make her feel like she's a better woman with him by her side, etc. 

But, to make her feel bad about the things she has accomplished is complete bull. No one should ever feel they must dim their lights to allow their mate's to shine, and if you feel that way you need to have a sit down. 

Love is a tricky thing. But, it takes communication and an open mind. There is no need to feel intimidated. That accomplished person could motivate you to be a better person as well. 

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