Friday, July 4, 2014

Fleshing Out Your Characters

When writing, it is important to flesh out your characters. Some do this in the dialogue, narration, or a summary. A great way to achieve this would be asking yourself a few questions about your character before you start pounding away at the keyboard. Below is a very brief list to get your engines revved.

Who is your character
Relationship (Friends/Romantic) > How did they meet
Eye Color
Distinguishing Marks


You may not know this. But, each of these things is a story within itself. By making this list, you could create things around it. For instance, the character's age. Does this create a problem? Did the character have goals set that they wished to reach before a certain age? What happens if they don't reach that goal before the forbidden age? Then what? Oh, the horror! Or how about, the character's background. How was the character raised? Did something significant happen in the character's past that carried over into adulthood? Wow, was it enough to be the making of a killer or a saint?

Think about sitting down to go deep into your character, from the inside out. Who are they? What do they look like? What makes them tick? What makes them sad? What makes them who they are? These are the things that make the readers connect. Once that happens, you're on to something Kid!

READY, SET, GO.......LET'S WRITE! See you soon.

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