Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is it possible?

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Is it possible?
There's an old rule about not dating someone in your past later in life. But, is that how we should approach matters of the heart? Maybe what matters is how it ended. When you're in a heated battle the truth often tends to rear its ugly head in the most hurtful way. Many times this is a self-preservation tactic or simply a way to cut.

As time goes on and seasons change eventually you get over the "break-up". Things get back on track. You begin to feel like yourself again and BOOM---that person is back! Visions of their beautiful/handsome smile cloud your mind. Thoughts of their nimble fingertips touching your skin become constant daydreams. How do you let that go? How do you walk away from it?

It's all mind boggling. However, the fact that there are emotions, questions, or thoughts of possibilities remaining speaks volumes. The heart is a tricky thing. It doesn't listen to rhyme or reason. It wants what it wants. It wrestles with the mind of rational thoughts. The internal war is enough to drive a person insane. But, the million dollar question remains. Is it worth it? When you can answer that you will then know how to proceed.

Are you able to surrender to love? Are you ready to have both feet planted in love? Are you willing to work on the issues that drove your separation?

Love is love. Old or new. It is love. If you want it, drop your pride and go for it!

Good luck!

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