Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You Need Passion

Whatever journey you take towards your goals you must have passion. I don't care what your ultimate goal may be, there has to be passion. You need that fire to keep you interested. You need that fire to keep you going when all you hear is NO! Without it, you would give up on yourself.

My desired journey is through the literary world. There are so many unbelievable obstacles and roadblocks the come along with it. Many times it becomes extremely trying. I too question my path. Yet, at the end of a long treacherous day my method of relaxation is through writing. That is what you call passion. It will take you to believe in yourself. It will take you to push yourself. Most of all, it will take patience and faith that you will one day accomplish your goals!

We've all heard the saying, anything worth having isn't easy and anything easy isn't worth having. Oh, how you will learn the truth that rings through this saying. Moving mountains takes strength, diligence, and determination. If you are determined to meet your goal then you need to be sure to surround yourself with positivity. Don't waste time ridding your life of all things and people who are negative because that plays a role in your belief in yourself and your gift. Protect your gift and most of all PROTECT YOUR PASSION

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