Thursday, December 19, 2013


It never fails. There is always one person out of a group who's consistently negative about every aspect of life. This is the type of person who can't see the good in anything. I've had to ask myself, "What could possibly make a person feel that way?" Well, the only thing that came to mind was choices, decisions, etc.

We are all given the same opportunities because we were all born Dreamers. Some people shrugged their dreams away because they were intimidated. They were intimidated by the process or their lack there of! They watched others soar through life and inside they were broken. 

Then you have the Free Spirits. They never see gray clouds. The Free Spirits don't waste time sitting around pouting. They're way too busy enjoying life. Day after day they are experiencing new things. Even if they fail the Free Spirits move on to the next thing because they know eventually they'll get it right and in the end it'll be something they love.

Then you have the Worker Bees. The Bees are always planning, preparing, and producing. The Bees are always working towards their main goal objectives. They don't know how to relax. Idle time to them is wasted time. The Bees are always successful in everything they do because they attack it with skill, intelligence, and diligence. 

So, if you cross paths with someone who  only speaks negatively really take a look at that person. Look at their past of failed dreams and plans. They aren't happy with their outcome and even more upset that your outcome was better, and your future is much brighter. Misery loves company. But, you have the decision to entertain them or leave them to fester alone.

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