Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Short Blog Story
Tasha Wright

Dessi whipped her car along the windy street careful not to get too close to the white SUV ahead of her. She spent too many months planning the big run into ruin it all now. Dessi tapped her manicured fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music playing. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. The wind blew into her compact car making her auburn curls dance.
Dessi eased her car into the parking lot of a local bar. She stepped out to tug, tuck, and touchup everything before making her grand entrance. “It’s show time,” she whispered. Her black heels clicked against the concrete sidewalk with every step she took. It’d never need difficult for Dessi to catch the eye of a man and today was no different. She sashayed next to a man holding his glass gazing into space.
“Hello pretty lady. What could I get for you,” the bartender asked.
“Yes, I’d like a martini.”
“Coming right up,” he replied hurrying to mix her drink.
“You look like a man with a lot on his mind.”
“That’s an understatement.”
“I’m all ears if you’d like to talk about it.”
“It’s nothing I can’t handle.”
“I stand corrected. I’ll bet you could handle just about anything.”
“He chuckled, “I try my best.”
“My name is Dessi and yours?” She held her hand out.
“Matthew,” he replied.
“You have a strong grip. That says a lot about you.”
“Really, what does it say?”
“I’ll bet you are very self-reassured, knowledgeable, an open to new amazing things.”
“You were very close but not one hundred percent accurate.”
“Was I at least two out of three?”
“I’ll give you that,” he chuckled.
“Whew, that’s better than completely crapping out.”
“Matthew tapped the bar. “Thanks for the smile Dessi. I really needed that.” He sat a twenty dollar bill on the bar. “This should cover the tab for mine and the lovely lady.”
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that.”
“Believe me, it was my pleasure.” He blew her a kiss and disappeared into the evening sunset.
An old woman leaned over and whispered, “He was a really dashing man. I think you should go after him.”
“Oh, we’ll meet again.” Dessi stuffed Matthews brown wallet in her purse.
The lady laughed so hard she almost choked on her pick-me-up.
Dessi rushed outside to her car and search Matthew’s wallet for a business card. Not that she needed it. But, Matthew didn’t need to know that. Luckily she found one lonely card amongst a mountain of others. She held the small card in her hand with a smirk. Plan, Matthew Attack, was in full effect. She zoomed home in record time where her roommate was plastered on the sofa pecking at the keys of her laptop.
“How did it go with Matthew?”
“Perfectly,” Dessi replied kicking her heels off.
“So, you were able to get his wallet.”
“Sure did.”
Tangi smiled from ear to ear. “You’re such a criminal mastermind. Did he have a business card in there?”
“He’s a fortune five investor. Of course he had a business card.”
“When are you going to call him?”
“Right now,” she cleared her throat.
“Matthew speaking,” he answered.
“Hi Matthew, my name is Dessi. We met at the bar about an hour ago.”
“Oh hi Dessi, may I ask how you got my phone number?”
“That’s what I was calling you about. You dropped your wallet at the bar and I’d like to return it to you.”
“Oh man, I’ve been looking everywhere for it. I could’ve sworn I put it in my pocket after paying. When could I pick it up or would you like to meet somewhere?”
“You can’t legally drive without your license. How about I bring it to you?”
“I don’t know about that.”
“What are you afraid of Matthew?”
“I live a very private life. So, I’m not comfortable with you coming to my home when I don’t know you that well.”
“I guess that means you’re going to risk the drive.”
“It’s not a problem. I have a driver. When would you like to meet?”
“I could meet you now. The night is still young.”
“To show you my appreciation I’d like to take you out to dinner.”
“Really,” Dessi asked with wide eyes.
“Yes, unless you’re not free or open to it.”
            “Oh no, I’m totally free. Where would you like to go?”
            “The London West Hollywood,” he replied.
            “Are you sure we will be able to get a table without reservations?”
            Matthew laughed, “I’m quite confident that won’t be a problem.”
            “Well, okay, I will be there.” She jumped from the worn sofa with her hands in the air. She danced around the small living room like a football player in the end zone.
            “I take it your plan is exceeding your expectations.”
            “Far beyond,” Dessi replied racing to her bedroom to find the sexiest outfit that would be sure to seal the deal. Her red lips curled as she pushed every garment aside in search of the eye-catching winner. That is until she landed on the last thing she bought on one of her many shopping sprees. It was a black strapless sequined Michael Kors jumper. Sure, it was striking and that is just what she needed for this dinner date. Dessi learned long ago, in order to land a powerful man like Matthew every man in her vicinity needed to desire her. It would feed Matthews ego knowing he has this beautiful woman by his side that so many wanted but only he had her.
            She hopped in the shower to use her concoction that aroused the animalistic attraction of every man near her. Dessi’s rules to dating were to play with your man’s five senses. Always look your best to ensure your man loves what he sees. Make him desire your touch. Tease him with your sweet scent and tell him all the things that feed his ego. Dessi quickly covered her body with special oil that made her skin glow and dressed.
            “Oh my goodness it won’t be long before I’m all alone in this place. You look amazing,” Tangi roommate praised her.
            “Do you think the heels are too much?”
            “No, it makes you pop!”
            Dessi took a deep breath. “Wish me luck.” She eased out the door and quickly pushed the button to start her engine. She wrapped a silk scarf over her long sleek hair before leaving the solar deck into the windy night.
            “Hey, you forgot your purse,” Tangi screamed.
            “Oh thanks roomie. I would’ve looked really silly showing up to dinner without his wallet.”
            “You’re never careless. What’s going on? Are you nervous?”
            “I want this one Tangi. He’s handsome, well-off, and from what I could tell he has a really cool personality.”
            “So, this is guy is more than a mark to you.”
            “I think I could actually learn to love this one.”
            “He’s that good?”
            “Don’t get any ideas Tangi. I’d kill your ass for sure.” She sped away cranking her music up. Every light seemed to turn green upon her arrival. “The stars are aligned. This one is mine.” She looked down to see her phone ringing. It wasn’t a call she could handle right before meeting Matthew. He was still fighting for the money she managed to take in the end. “Not tonight Tommy.” She put her phone on silent and flew past a car with two young women dancing to the music. “Oh, how I remember those days. Life was so uncomplicated,” she reminisced. Only a few years after her father’s untimely death her family lost all his hard earned wealth. Once that happened Dessi found out how much work was needed to get back to that place and that wasn’t something she was interested in doing. Dessi parked in the valet area and strutted into the restaurant.
            The Matre’d immediately greeted Dessi, “Hello, do you have reservations?”
            “Yes, I’m meeting Matthew Perry for dinner.”
            “Oh, Mr. Perry is already here. I’ll show you to his table.”
            Dessi nodded and followed behind the young man. Just as she anticipated every man she saw in passing followed her with ogling eyes.
            Matthew gulped his glass of wine after laying eyes on his gorgeous dinner date. “You look very beautiful.”
            “Thank you.” She kissed his cheek before passing his leather wallet. “Here you are as promised.”
            Matthew held his hands out with a smile. “There you are,” he said with a laugh.
            “You must be a pretty important man to be so well known for us to walk into a restaurant of this caliber without reservations on a busy Saturday night.”
            “You could say that.”
            “You are a very mysterious man Matthew.”
            “It’s hard for me to let my guard down. Would you like a glass of wine?” He held a bottle of Vosne-Romane in the air.
            She nodded. “You have expensive taste.”
            “I enjoy the best things in life. So, Dessi tell me about yourself starting with your last name.”
            Matthew interrupted, “Wait, hold on. Are you related to William Beaudry?”
            “Yes, he is my father.”
            “What a small world. He was a very influential man.”
            “Yes he was.” She guzzled her wine. “Could we talk about something else?”
            “Pardon me. I’m sure that’s a touchy subject.”
            The couple chatted the night away. Hours later they were the last diners remaining. Their server was visibly irritated and eager to call it a night. So, Matthew took care of the tab and moved closer to Dessi. “I really enjoyed you tonight.”
            “I had a great time as well.”
            “I wouldn’t be against doing this again.”
            “That would be wonderful.” She smiled.
            “Before you go I’d like to make you an offer. I have this huge deal I’m working on and I was wondering if you’d be interested in getting in on it? I could get the paperwork to you as early as nine in the morning. You could go over it with your attorney before you get back to me.”
            “Where did that come from?”
            “I’m a business man. You’re the best person to get in on this project. I’m sure your father left more than enough money. This is a great investment.”
            “You’re right. My father left us more than enough money. But, once my mother got her hands on it she quickly learned she wasn’t as gifted as my dad when it came to make good investments.”
            “Hold on, your dad was worth millions. How is that possible?”
            “Like I said my mother had a hand in that.”
            “I guess in that case, take care.” He walked away.
            “What does that mean?”
            “It means I need to do better. I only invited you here because I thought you could back this deal I’m working on.”
            Dessi’s mouth fell open.
            “Oh, you thought I dropped my wallet on purpose? Sweetheart those games are adolescent. I’m well known enough to know when someone is tagging me. For many years I tried to work with your dad. But, it never happened. It was no coincidence that you and I met at the bar. But, know that I’ve learned of your mother squandering away millions of dollars I have no use for you. Damn, my time is money and I just wasted so much on you. Have a good night.”
He left Dessi standing in shock. Here she was thinking she was getting him. All the while she was the mark. The only thing she could say was, “Bravo.”

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