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Samantha was the oldest of her sisters, Tami and Alecia. Throughout the years she and Tami had become what some would consider guardians over Alecia. Even though it was an overwhelming sense of responsibilities, the girls felt they didn’t have a choice. But, for the past couple of years things had gotten so out of control they couldn’t take their eyes off Alecia for one day or she’d manage to wreak havoc.

Alecia frowned, “Look at this mess.” She cleaned up the papers thrown across the floor.

“Where is she?” Samantha called out Alecia’s name as she looked around the dark house.

“Who knows? This is getting old Sam. Aren’t you tired of this?”

“She’s sick Tami. We can’t turn our back on her.”

“She’s traumatized. She won’t take her medicine. So, that tells me she has no intentions of getting better. But, why would she want to get better? We clean up her mess. You get her out of all her legal woos. I give her all the medical attention she needs. Mom and Dad’s inheritance is quickly depleting because we’re paying people off to keep Alecia out of more trouble. This isn’t living Sam. This is hell.

“Calm down Tami. Things will get better. We can’t walk away and leave Alecia alone in this crazy world. She doesn’t have anyone else.”

“Don’t play the sympathy card with me. I’m all out of it. We lost our parents too but she’s the only one who’s using it as an excuse. I for one am over it. This is sickening,” she cried sweeping the hardwood floor. “If this wasn’t our family house, I’d leave this mess as the pig sty it is.”
Samantha kissed the picture of her parents. It was a picture of their last family vacation together. They finally traveled to France. It was her mom’s dream to see a new fascinating part of the world that truly appreciated the Arts. Their Dad just wanted to taste the authentic French delicatessens, and the girls had a chance to appreciate the true fashion. Their last picture was also a reminder of a time when things weren’t so complicated. Alecia was a senior in high school only months away from graduating and on her way to college. Alecia’s dream was to become a Criminal Investigator. 
However, when their parents were shot and killed, everything in their lives changed. Samantha shook the full bottle of pills in her hand.

“What’s the refill date on that bottle,” Tami asked.

“Next week,” she replied.

“I’m willing to bet everything I own that bottle has never been touched since the day we dropped it off.”

“What do you suggest we do, Doctor?”

“Take her behind to the nearest Nut Palace. Play our role in the journey of her healing process, and try to enjoy life again. Mom and Dad wouldn’t want us to live this way. They would not be okay with us doing the things we are doing to cover for Alecia. Look at this,” Tami called out.
Samantha ran into the small office area to see the new case Alecia had started. This time she had pictures of a couple. The woman looked very exotic, somewhat international. Alecia managed to get their phone records, bank statements, and had tons of pictures of their comings and goings. 

“I never understood how she could get someone’s personal information.”

Tami laughed, “Do you remember when she asked Dad for money to get a new computer and he told her we didn’t have the money for silly things.”

“Oh yeah, and Alecia printed off his bank statement and called him out on his lie.”

“Dad took our internet privileges so quick it was like a blur.”

“How long has she been watching this couple?” Samantha looked at each of the pictures.

“It’s been a while this time. She has months and months of pictures.”

“Jot down the address and come with me. I’m sure we’ll find her car on the street of that couple’s house.”

Samantha did as she was told and ran to the car. “Gosh, I pray we get there in time before she does something stupid. I’m not about to trot into one more courtroom with Alecia in tow. Every judge who knows about our family tragedy is becoming unsympathetic of her circumstances. They don’t care if Dad was judge. They’re tired of Alecia running around this city like a maniac. She’s been out of control for far too long.

“Now you get what I’ve been saying.”

“I never said I didn’t,” Samantha replied.

“I say we hog tie her and take her to the nearest puzzle factory and beg them to take her in before she gets so out of control mentally that we can’t reel her back in,” she explained without taking a breath. 

“Alecia’s running around like she’s a one woman vigilante and she’s no closer to solving Mom and Dad’s case than the police,” Tami rambled zooming down the street to the address only to see the street flooded by police squad cars and ambulances.

The two ladies looked at each other and bailed out of the car into the crowd of people in search of their sister.

“Excuse me,” Tami pushed through the voyeurs.

“Hey, you can’t cross the line lady,” the detective warned.

“What’s going on Thomas,” Samantha asked.

He relaxed. “Come here,” he replied holding up the line.

Samantha hurried to his side. “Your sister just may have cracked the case involving your Mom and Dad.”

“Tell me,” she urged him to keep talking.

“Well, we all know how invested Alecia has been when comes to your parent’s case. We’ve told her on several occasions to leave this case to us but to no avail. Well, a few days ago she sent me this huge package of evidence she’d gathered. You see this couple has been under investigation for a very long time. They killed everyone linked to their case and that included your Dad. He was the judge presiding over their case. Your Mom was unfortunately with him when it took place. God rest their souls. Your sister is going to be a tough cookie if she’s able to move beyond her emotions.”

“Wow, so she really did it. I need to see her. Where is she?”

“She’s actually detained because she entered their residence without permission as well as obtaining their other personal information,” he laughed.

Samantha called her sister over, “She did it. Alecia really did it. She found Mom and Dad’s killers. It’s over. It’s finally over,” she cried in her sister’s arms.

“I can’t believe it,” she replied.

“Come here, I have Alecia in my car.” Thomas led the girls over.

Alecia smiled. “I told you guys I wasn’t crazy. I’ve been on this for six long years. I’ve dedicated my life to this. There was no way I was going to allow someone kill my parents and get away with it.”

“We’re sorry for ever doubting you. I’ll get you out as soon as possible.”

“And you’re going to College as soon as possible. This is your calling. Imagine all the lives you will touch by bringing them closure.”

Alecia cried. “I was only in high school when we lost Mom and Dad. They never had the chance to see their last kid graduate. They won’t have the chance to celebrate our milestones and vice versa. They took something so precious from us because they were too much of cowards to own up to what they’d done. Dad used to always tell us how he’d risk his life for the truth when he was a detective. I never thought that would transpire since he was a judge. Now, I can honestly say, I will risk my life for the truth just like my Dad. I know I’m the right woman for the job because I know how it feels to lose people so special to you. I want to help the families learn the truth for their piece of mind and closure.

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