Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sienna Reese: My Sweet Vindication

I'm finally about to be in editing to publish my third book, "Sienna Reese: My Sweet Vindication".

This book raises an age old question, what is the price of perfection? Sienna wanted it all, the perfect husband, children, and career. Her success to achieve everything she'd ever dreamt was a nightmare for everyone who was on the receiving end of her high standards. For years she managed to carry on a façade of the perfect family in the eyes of everyone looking in from the outside. But, just like any well oiled machine, it eventually runs its course without the proper care and attention.

Sienna's marriage fell apart like a house of cards against a gust of wind. Her mouthy teenage daughter was finding herself in more trouble than a naïve virgin at a drunken college Keg Party and Sienna's Golden Boy, announced he was living an alternative lifestyle. This was not what Sienna had in mind and she had no problem voicing her displeasures. Sienna fought her family tooth and nail until she realized she was the only one left fighting. She was about to learn just how much she stood to lose by chasing perfection.

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