Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Child I Used to Be

I think back at the days when everything looked shiny and beautiful. You had sparkles in your eyes and everything you saw shined brighter than the North Star, and that included your first love! As a kid you ran head first into every venture as optimistic as they come. It didn't matter if it were a relationship, hobby, or simply trying something new. You never thought twice about it.

Tasha Wright
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Then I think about the first time I was let down. Oh my goodness, I thought my life was over. Who wants food, water, or sunlight! Just let me stay under my covers! You didn't want to face the world much less be a part of it. At that time your parent's encouraging skills were put to the test, BIG TIME. Once you were finally convinced your life was not over---you stand up and try your best to carry on. You were bruised but not completely broken.


Now, you're a full-fledged adult. You've conditioned yourself to be more cautious. You start making lists of all pros and cons. You think things through of all possibilities. But careful, you don't want to become your own worst enemy! that's what you try to tell yourself. When love doesn't work out, it doesn't even matter anymore. When business ventures don't pan out, you research more, get a bit more educated, then try again.

Life has a way to push you into taking the good with the bad. Once you've been on the battlefield of life you're no longer the child you used to be. You become the woman/man you need to be.

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