Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mending Wounded Wings

So many women make the attempt at trying to fix a "fallen" man. They pick them up, dust them off, and allow themselves to be the glue that holds this broken soul together. This attempt has been made time after time. However, no one I've ever known has succeeded. Hummm....Possibly because women always tend to overlook major issues by blaming his past to justify his current actions.

Women fail to turn off their nurturing switch and power on their common sense to recognize the first sign of "crazy". But, men are different. Men won't fool themselves into believing they can fix another human being. If there are some, it's not many. So, why should women continue to waste their years trying to make square pegs fit into circle shapes only to be left disappointed and confused.

The ideal outcome when determining someone needs extra help should be to refer that person to a licensed Therapist who's trained to take on the difficulties of tiptoeing through the head of such a person. Honestly, think about the last time a man made the attempt to fix an erratic woman...I'll give you a few more minutes to ponder your thoughts...Okay, times up! A man may hang around for a short while but he will never fool himself into taking on such a task. It's too complicated and way too messy.

Recognizing when to throw in the towel is tricky when you've already invested time and emotions. However, if you're in the beginning stages of dating and you witness signs of "crazy", take it for what it is and run. Don't walk, saunter, or gallop---RUN! There are two reason why: He may not attempt to hide his "crazy" because he just that! Disturbed/Altered! Don't try and stick around trying to figure out just how demented this person may be. His "crazy" could be as shallow as a creek or as deep as an ocean. Lastly, if he doesn't even realize his actions you have a bigger problem on your hands! Mental issues! If your not careful and you want to play the role of Ms. Fix it Sally, you could find yourself in a shallow grave buried under a freshly poured concrete patio!

Stop ignoring signs blaming them on your nurturing instincts. Recognize the red flags. Stop turning a blind eye to questionable behaviors. Be careful. Be smart. Understand when some wounds are out of your league and beyond your repair!

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